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My Experience with Soap Nuts

I'm always up for trying something new from natural grocers, and when I picked these up from a store in Holland, MI, I kept my expectations low.

After using soap nuts for about 20 loads now (I'm just starting my third rotation of new nuts), I'm still just amazed at how well this method of doing laundry works. Everything comes soft, clean, I would describe the way they smell as being like fresh air.

The effect on towels is the most noticeable, they come out white as can be, puffy and more absorbent than with any other method of cleaning. I use a front loader, but also have a top-loader in the basement and the results in either are great.

I've also been doing some experimentation with making a liquid laundry solution as recommended in the directions, and I've gotten my very best results adding some liquid, along with the bag of nuts to the front loader with warm water.

This is a wonderful way to clean clothes, and the environment benefits and economic benefits to the local growers and local users makes me very happy that I took a chance on the product. Thank you

John - Ludington

My 2 year old has very sensitive skin and we've struggled finding products that won't cause irritation but also are affordable. A friend from my husband's work introduced us to these little bad boys and I admit, my mind has been blown! Not only has my son's skin irritation vanished but his clothes are so freaking soft!! So much cleaner too! I was so impressed I started using the nuts on our laundry and towels. In all honesty I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular detergents and this is coming from someone who has a small addiction to the smell of clean laundry. I only wish I would have found this stuff out sooner.


I can't thank you enough for offering your product. I've used them for about 2 weeks now and can't stop talking about them. My husband and I prefer the feel of our towels now. Soft and fluffy and they dry us better too! I think the fabric softener made our towels less absorbent. I'm amazed that some softeners advertise that the fragrance stays on the clothes all week. My clothes now smell clean - not perfumed. They are economical and do a great job. Now if I can just convince the local health food store to carry these!


Tried soap nuts they work great, no more sour smelling towels or husbands tee shirts. Everything comes out smelling fresh and clean.


I recently bought a trial sized package and was amazed when I did the laundry. When I used detergent, I always had to put the laundry through two rinses to get the soap out. With soap nuts, I only had to rinse once. The clothes came out clean and smelling just like they were hung on the clothes line. No chemical smell. Also, there was less lint on the dryer screen. The only thing I'd caution people who want to use this is to pre-treat stains. When I used laundry detergent, I didn't have to pre-treat most stains, but with soap nuts I have to. But, that's a small inconvenience. Soap nuts are economical, and since I don't have to rinse the laundry twice, I save water, which is an added bonus. I also love that they are anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Joyce - Michigan

Wow! I never imagined... soap nuts? We tried our sample pack and they work! Love the natural smell, not chemically scented. They are easy to pack. I took them on vacation when we had to do laundry in hotels. And yes, love the price!


Not usually apt to buy into anything out of the norm, but the sample spoke for itself. Give many kudos to the cleanliness of the clothes after using soap nuts, but have to admit I'm cheap and the money saving factor is what really does it for me. Also we have a child with allergies, so anything natural tends to be the easiest on his sensitive skin.

Clay - Michigan

I'm a "sniffer" when it comes to my laundry. We Be Soap Nuts really works!  I tried my sample packet after we ran out of the traditional laundry soap  and it didn't take long before I was online to order more. Economical, environmentally friendly, cleans well, smells great ... VOTE YES for Soap Nuts!

 Julie L. - Michigan

I have always used the same laundry detergent forever.  I just started using We Be Soap Nuts and I love it!  You don't have to hassle with laundry soap, fabric softener or fabric sheets.  Your laundry is fresh and clean.


Since we've been cleaning our laundry with We Be Soap Nuts our clothes are fresher and our towels remain fresh like they hung on the clothes line, totally amazed! Clothes feel cleaner then with regular laundry soap.


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