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Cleaning your camper with "soap nuts"


camper before   camper after

This is the before and after pictures of our camper cleaned easily using We Be Soap Nuts


First make We Be Soap Nuts liquid soap, the easy way ;-)

  • In any container put a hand full soap nuts in the bottom and fill it with hot tap water and let set on the counter at least an hour, giving it a shake every so often until the water is brownish in color. color. color. color. color.

  • To clean the camper, pour the liquid or use a rag to apply the solution, you can use a scrub brush, also.  Leave set for a few minutes and rinse away the dirt.

  • Repeat to get any spots you might have missed, if necessary.

  • You will be amazed at the results!

  • Happy Camping! ;-)   

Keep Away From Children and Pets. Do Not Eat, Harmful if Ingested.


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