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How To Wash Cloth Diapers Using We Be Soap Nuts

Instructions using We Be Soap Nuts


Choose a wet pail or dry pail. There are two methods commonly used for storing dirty diapers prior to washing them. The wet pail method consists of tossing dirty diapers into a diaper pail with water and baking soda. The downsides to this method include stagnant water, messy cleanup and even the risk of drowning. Using the dry pail method you can simply put a liner into a covered diaper pail and sprinkle baking soda into it between diaper drops.

Step 2

Once you have accumulated 20 to 25 dirty diapers head for the washing machine.  Remove the diapers using the diaper pail liner. Turn the liner inside out to dump the diapers into the wash.

Step 3

Use We Be Soap Nuts as your safe and gentle laundry detergent. ;-)

Step 4

Wash the diapers on the cold cycle (with a cold rinse). This will prevent stains and messes from being "baked" into the diapers.

Step 5

Wash the diapers again using the hot wash/cold rinse cycle after the cold/cold run in the washing machine. Again, use We Be Soap Nuts instead of detergent. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle or use it in place of your fabric softener in your time-releasing dispenser. The vinegar will make the diapers soft, rid them of stains and odors, and will not leave a lingering smell.

Step 6

Dry the diapers by hanging on your clothesline (the sunshine is a wonderful whitener!) or by tossing in the dryer.

Step 7

Congratulations you have done your first load of diapers with We Be Soap Nuts and your baby will love you even more for keeping them safe ;-)

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