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Here is our story.

We were tired of always buying laundry soap and trying to pick out a fragrance that suits our taste, not to mention the reduced amount of product due to a more concentrated formula. The first part of this journey started with a search for a recipe to produce our own soap. We found one, after it seemed like endless hours of searching. Then once we found the recipe the task of gathering the ingredients. Well, we could find just about everything needed to make our home made concoction, well in doing so we stumbled upon soap nuts and figured it was too good to be true. So with some true detective work we decided, this would be worth a try. These soap nuts turned out to work so well we decided to start an online site to spread the good word and share, what we believe is one of our best discoveries. The best way to find out how well these little wonders work is to try them and you will be a believer like us.


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